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Messor Security

OpenCart plugin
Blocks attacks and scans

  • Free version is available for OpenCart
  • Real-time protection
  • User-friendly configuration, all works out of the box
Messor security plugin OpenCart


Free open source plugin for OpenCart to protect your store.

Each network member collects intruders and attacks data and then sends it to central servers, as well as distributes the current database to the rest network participants.
The current concept provides real-time protection of your store from the network attacks.

Whom Messor is intended for
  • If you are blogging or maintain website on the Internet
  • If you have got online company
  • If you have got websites and servers network
What do we differ from our competitors?
  • we have got own P2P network
  • Open source code
  • Daily free updates
What is done by Messor
  • Protects your OpenCart in real-time
  • Reduces security costs
  • Blocks damage and intrusion attempts

Messor benefits

You may choose the network attacks or search robots blocking level. Or you may restrict an access to the website to either all bots or only dangerous ones.
Flexible configuration allows to add your own addresses and configure your security filters.

Messor free of charge

Download and activate Messor protection free of charge. Download it from the official Opencart and Githab repository.

Open source code

Messor.Network has got open source code. The network contains your website scans and attacks data.

Own P2P network

Own P2P network, intended to exchange data between network participants, allowing to get daily database updates.

Daily free updates

Daily database updates of blocked IPs and signatures, allowing to quickly respond to attacks and scans.

Up-to-date database

Up-to-date database - we may conclude that IPs are dangerous, if revealing malicious activity over the last time period.

Console mode

Messor is able to operate in console mode on any server. Besides it may get an adaptive web interface.

Real-time protection

Intrusion detection and prevention system will help protect your data in real time.

Flexible blocking settings

Flexible blocking settings

Cost reduction

Reduced server and traffic costs - we block malicious traffic. Therefore, you don't have to pay for it.

Backup systems

Backup systems help to preserve your data in case of server failures, broken drives and physical impact.

Are you ready to fully control your OpenCart security?

Messor Security take care of your store protection.

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blocked IP addresses


attack prevention


network members




The system is intended to detect and prevent intrusions and prohibited activities. It contains both sensors and traps, intended to reveal intrusion attempts.

Real-Time DDoS Protection

Real-Time DDoS Protection

Automatic scanners and ddos bots detection and prevention. Blocking spam bots, reducing malicious traffic to th website and server. Reduced traffic costs.

Bot Protection

Bot Protection

You may choose the blocking level including from dangerous network bots to search robots. Besides you may restrict an assess to your website to all bots types. User agent, IP, JS analysis.

Malware Cleaner

Malware Cleaner

The app is intended for daily automatic scanning of your server and website to reveal infected files and automatically remove malicious code.

Block/Allow List

Block/Allow List

The database is collected by all Messor.Network members. You get a malicious IP database, updated daily. Besides you may add exclusion addresses to the Allow list.

Database / Files Backups

Database / Files Backups

Automatic backup system for your files and database. It allows placement on your server, sending by e-mail or storing in our storages in encrypted form.

Notifications / Monitoring

Notifications / Monitoring

Advanced notification system settings will help you to quickly learn about incidents. Daily website/server verofocation for malicious code and domain presence in block list

File system controll

File system controll

You are provided with full changes control of your files. All the changes are controlled. Automatic notifications about critical files changes are possible as well.

Security settings

Security settings

Messor will verify basic cms settings, reveal weak points and display recommendations. Besides it will help to hide the admin panel and verify the accounts security

Tariff rates









Websites/Servers 10 1 5 10
Dayli ip/signatur DB update
File system controll
Security settings
Fast update from server
Database file backup email/server email/server CLOUD 20GB
Monitoring 365/24/7 365/24/7
Malware Cleaner
Support Ticker 24h resp Ticket Phone/Ticket
Personal SO
Reaction and help

Enterprise version

Messor-based personal network deployment. All network members are provided with the maximum
trust level, hourly database updates, instant incidents response,
full network support and maintenance, required store functionality finalization.


P2P network
for data exchange

Daily database updates
24/7 support 365 days

24/7 support 365 days

Open source

Open source

Free updates

Free updates

Incident response

Incident response